Vale – Greg Smith

Tribute by John Armfield

“My first recollection of Greg Smith was appearing against him at a settlement conference held in a solicitor’s office in Coffs Harbour.  His impish sense of humour stood in stark contrast to his immense professional competence. As soon as we settled the dispute he sat down and wrote out in legible handwriting a carefully crafted deed of family arrangement, which required, neither revision or negotiation.  With remarkable conciseness and clarity, he recorded the settlement our clients had agreed to .

So many words spring to my mind to describe him, funny, competent, loyal, professional, but most of all, I will think of him as being a friend. In the last hours of my mother‘s life, he came to the nursing home where she was dying.  He collected a brief from me to appear in a mediation which was scheduled to take place the next day and in which I was briefed.  He unhesitatingly took over the matter.  That action sums up his personality more than words can express.

He joined the Second Floor Wentworth Chambers and became an integral part of our floor.

His death leaves a void in the lives of all of those who knew him, his wife Michelle, his family, colleagues, friends, instructing solicitors, and clients.  All of us are richer for having known him.”

John Armfield

Greg Smith’s funeral today – Thursday 2 November 2023

Date:     Thursday 2 November 2023

Time:    11 am

Place:    Roseville Uniting Church, 7A Lord Street, Roseville, NSW, 2069

Link for Greg’s Funeral

Here is the link to join the service at 11.00 am.

Floor member Craig Birtles will be speaking at The Blue Mountains Law Society Conference 2023 taking place on 8-10 September. The speakers also include the Hon Mark Leeming, the Hon Joe Campbell, Dr Jane Lonie and the Hon Geoff Lindsay.

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Two Wentworth are pleased to announce that William Calokerinos has joined the CDPP External Junior Counsel Panel

Two Wentworth Head of Chambers, Reno Gambi, has once again been recommended for Insurance & Personal Injury Law as Junior Counsel and Professional Indemnity Junior Counsel in the 2022 Doyle’s Guide Australia.

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Two Wentworth are pleased to announce floor members, John Armfield and Craig Birtles, have been ranked as preeminent Wills & Estates Litigation Junior Counsel in the 2022 Doyle’s Guide.

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Two Wentworth Chambers is pleased to announce the appointment of Briget Harrison as its new Clerk, effective as at 7 February 2022.

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